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Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
-olds. >> and hold hands in a bathtub in the wilderness. >> which actually this leads to rock stars dying earlier than general population. tom, you asked if people would watch the concert for sandy. that was the greatest cialis commercial of all time. it was like a five-hour cialis commercial. >> if jefferson airplane ever redid one of their classic songs it would be "go cialis." >> i got that one. >> i am super psyched you are not having me back. i was sad for a second. >> because you are jealous you didn't think of that? >> it is like getting out of prison. >> that was a good-bad joke. it was a good-bad joke. ♪ go see alice ♪ i think it will grow >> ♪ if it lasts for hours ♪ go see alice ♪ see a doctor ♪ promptly >> ♪ one pill makes you larger >> or you can say see a doctor if it is 10 feet tall. >> are we going have to pay for this song now? >> we are going to pay for this. >> i want to go to karaoke with you guys. >> greg, you said the study showed the average expiration date for north american stars was 45 and european ones 40. i think that means to be serious for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1